July 30, 2020

As we move into the second half of summer, we wanted to remind you all that Synergis holds a ton of live, educational webinars each month.  Maybe you’ve sat in on one previously, or maybe you didn’t know we have these free educational events.  In either case, take a look at what we have on top for August, September, and October.

There’s something here for everyone and we guarantee you will leave each webcast with tips and tricks that you can use immediately!  Just click on the image of the webcast that you’d like to register for to reserve your virtual seat, today!

Fusion 360: Electronics Cooling

You know that often times, there’s more than one tool that can be used to get the job done. But how do you know if you’re really choosing the best one for the job?

If you’re a user of Autodesk CFD, then you’re familiar with simulation and electronics cooling. Well recently, an Electronics Cooling “preview” has been added to the Fusion 360 Simulation tools. So what is it, and how does it compare to Autodesk CFD?

And if you don’t have any simulation experience, that’s okay too! Electronics Cooling is integrated into the simulation workspace in Fusion 360, so no matter your level of experience, you can use it to predict the temperature of your electronics components.

Join us to take a look at the Electronics Cooling workflow and capabilities, and get a comparison with Autodesk’s CFD offerings and see where each tool hits its stride – so you’ll always have the best tool to get the job done right!

BIM for Owners

So you’re an Owner, or maybe a Commissioning Agent, Operations Personnel, or work for a Government Agency – awesome! But in that role, have you ever wondered how you can make better design decisions?

Do you often wonder how to collaborate and coordinate through ALL phases of the project lifecycle?

Well, you’ve heard of BIM, right?

In this special, 90 minute Interactive Webinar, you’ll see firsthand how your organization can experience benefits of BIM to make better design decisions and better collaborate through the project lifecycle. You’ll hear from various guest speakers who will share their experiences of developing new projects, renovations, and expansions in the private and public sectors, from planning and early design stages, through construction and into operations and maintenance.

So if you want to:

  • Reduce Design and Construction Time and Cost
  • Reduce Annual Operation Expenses
  • Improve Capital Plan

Then you need to:

  • Register for this webinar today!

Duplicate Search with Autodesk Vault

Have you ever been creating a design in Inventor and think “This looks familiar?” Maybe that design already exists in Vault, but you don’t know how to search for it!

What if your Vault already contains many of the same parts, but you don’t know where to find them?  Or, you might not even realize that a certain percentage of your Vault is based solely on duplicate “design” information!

Thanks to the new Vault 2020.2/2021 Duplicate Search Capability, duplicate designs are a thing of the past. This webinar will introduce you to the Vault Duplicate Search Capability and show you how you can use it to reduce engineering and production costs.

BIM for Management & Construction Professionals

You’ve probably heard a lot about BIM lately, and if you’re in the construction industry, you might have even thought, “What can BIM do for me?”

BIM is so much more than design, and benefits every phase of the project lifecycle, all the way through construction.

So how exactly does BIM help you in the construction industry? Well, it allows projects to be built virtually before even being constructed, basically eliminating common problems that arise during the construction process.

In just one hour, you’ll get a full overview of how BIM technology can manage the construction process by:

  • Modeling using construction means and methods
  • Extracting accurate quantities
  • Linking the construction schedule to compare the baseline versus actual schedule
  • Monitoring construction process

So if you’re in the construction industry, don’t waste any more time or money with inefficient data and processes – learn how to reduce costs, improve scheduling and increase productivity with BIM!

Design Evolution: An Intro to Generative Design

So you have an idea for a design, you have the design goals in mind, and you have parameters like spatial requirements, materials, and cost constraints. So the next step is to just start designing, right?

But why confine yourself to just one design, when there’s a whole world of designs just waiting to be discovered?

What if, like nature, that fundamentally designs by taking the best existing solution to a problem and iterating, accessing every design and idea that’s been created, you could create multiple iterations too?

That’s what we call Generative Design. The concepts behind Generative Design take cues from nature to optimize the results of the designs you create, and in this webcast, you’ll learn how to get the software and setup conditions, and “grow” a design within a Fusion 360 environment.

Collaboration Tools with BIM

Docs, Design, Coordinate, Build…there’s so many different BIM 360 software solutions, what could they all possibly do?

How do you know which ones to use, and where to start?

We’ll show you! This webinar will give you an introduction on the BIM 360 family of solutions, which use a cloud-based solution to centralize all of your information within a Model that becomes a single source of truth for your project.

Don’t get overwhelmed with disconnected workflows and data that’s all over the place – learn how BIM 360 tools give you essential collaboration workflows, Design Review, Model QA/QC, Approval workflows, and more!

Working in construction? BIM can help you collaborate on and off site, and can assist in clash detection, RFIs, submittals, Project Management and safety…you name it, BIM can do it!

And if that’s not enough, we’ll even show you extra integrations for BIM that will help boost your workflows even further!

So what are you waiting for? Learn how to take advantage of the full BIM 360 family of solutions and manage your projects like never before.

Quantity Take-Off (QTO) with BIM

If you’re someone who enjoys saving time and money, you know how critical it is to have accurate information and quantities before starting a project.

If you’re someone who would like to get better at saving time and money, it’s time to learn how critical it is to have accurate information and quantities before starting a project!

Did you know that developing a BIM model using construction means and methods can help you extract those precise quantities?

Keep your entire construction chain efficient from start to finish! This webinar will show you how to develop that BIM Model using Revit and NavisWorks, and show the differences and benefits of QTO extraction within each software.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Planning for QTO
  • QTO and Level of Development
  • QTO in Revit; the essential workflow
  • QTO in Navisworks; taking things one step further
  • The BIM360 solution
  • What is right for your practice?

Be a time and money saving expert with Quantity Takeoff with BIM!