March 19, 2020

As more of you will be working from home in the coming days and weeks, you may need to VPN back into your company’s network infrastructure and are having difficulty obtaining a network license file for your Autodesk products.

In some cases, when working remotely or working from your home, you may need to add a system variable to your PC/laptop in order to allow for more time in obtaining a license.

Bring up Windows System Properties and select the Advanced tab along with the Environment Variables button.

Under the lower System variables section, select the “New” button.

Enter the variable name (as shown) “FLEXLM_TIMEOUT”.

Enter a value of “1000000“. This value represented here is based on 1 second (additional timeout).

Select “OK” to add this timeout variable.

Launch your Autodesk application and see if you’re not able to obtain a license.

If the same results appear, go back and edit the timeout value and increase it by another 1000000 (1 second) for a total 2000000 (2 seconds). Test again.

If the results are still the same, edit the value by increasing it again by another 1 second (1000000). If the timeout value exceeds 3 seconds (3000000), it may indicate that there is another issue affecting you.

In the end, you shouldn’t have to exceed 5 seconds (or 5000000) to obtain a license from your server infrastructure. If you are still unable to obtain a license while working remotely, please contact one of your technical experts here at Synergis

You can also view our detailed instructions on working remotely by checking this blog article out here.

The Synergis Helpdesk Team