January 14, 2020

By Mark Lancaster
Hard to believe we’re on to 2020, and soon will be looking ahead to the next Autodesk University – but I wanted to take a moment to look back at AU2019, where I was honored to be one of the presenters in the AU Community Zone/Hub Theater.
My presentation was focused around breaking news regarding your Autodesk Account interface and wanted to take this moment to recap those key bullet points from it.  This site has a page dedicated to your success in the Autodesk Account interface.   A lot of great content from blog articles, to training, a link to the ideas forum, and my favorite is the roadmap (of Autodesk Account).   What’s being planned in regards to your Autodesk Account interface, what’s in progress and what’s been implemented or ready to go.
Autodesk Account Ideas Forum:  From the (Autodesk Account section) you can access the ideas forum related to the Autodesk Account interface.   If you have an idea for the future development of the Autodesk Account interface go share it with the related development team.  Or if there’s already an idea submitted you’re interested in, go vote and collaborate with other users on the future development of the Autodesk Account.
Can we shout no more serial numbers to activate our Autodesk product!!!!   Wouldn’t that be nice?   No longer would you have to manage serial numbers or tell your users which one to use!!!  For those who don’t know this, Autodesk for a few years now has been on a path to eliminate the use of serial numbers to activate your product.   At this time it’s not feasible to eliminate all serial #s, but for this year (2019), Autodesk has been selecting many customers and switching their single-user subscription-based product over to the sign-in, Autodesk Account, or Autodesk ID method as a means to activate your product.
Autodesk Account Administration (Unlimited):  This section ties into the elimination of serial #s for activation.   When you have single-user subscription-based product being activated by the sign-in (or Autodesk Account/Autodesk ID) method, there’s a new user management interface making it easier for your Autodesk Account Admins to manage their users and benefits.

In addition, one of the major complaints that Autodesk heard from user, is the individual assigned to manage your users and benefits may not always be the correct person to perform these task or a company is restricted in who can actually perform these functions.   Under this new user management interface you now have the ability to have someone just focus on billings/renewals, an individual acting as the primary admin role, and multiple individuals acting as the secondary admin for your Autodesk Account user management.   Thus giving you more flexibility when it comes to managing your subscription, users and their benefits.
Seat Usage Reporting Tool:   For those who manage your Autodesk Account/subscription, this feature was added to the Autodesk Account a few months back.   This reporting tool is related to understanding how your users are using your single-user subscription-based product and can assist you in your investment of Autodesk software today, tomorrow and the future.   In this example (3-month report) you can see I have 57 users using my products, 6 different products they’re using and I have a total of 61 licenses.

If you’re interested in hearing more about what I’ve presented or the information I shared here today, please reach out to us.   Until next time…