December 20, 2019

By Jim Swain, Applications Consultant
Are you getting the most from your AutoCAD Block attributes?  Do you know how to extract that data and manipulate it?  If not, check out these two instructional videos to help you with this topic.
Using the AutoCAD Block Attribute Data Extraction Tool
Data extraction can be used to mine information from a drawing or a group of drawings and put the data into a spreadsheet or AutoCAD table.  This information can be text from block attributes, or coordinates and layers of an object, or any number of other properties.  Possible uses for this workflow include door and window schedules, simple Bill of Materials (BOMs), and point locations.

AutoCAD Attribute Renaming & Synchronizing 
When you use AutoCAD block attributes as part of a Bill of Materials process, it is common to want to add additional attributes to existing blocks.  TO have this work properly within an existing drawing, those existing blocks must have their attributes synchronized with the updated block definition.  The ATTSYNC tool is used to refresh those blocks with a drawing.

We hope that you find these videos helpful.  Until next time…