November 12, 2019

By Mark Lancaster, Synergis Helpdesk Technician
If you are using AutoCAD 2020 AND Autodesk Vault, this message may pertain to you.
On November 7th, Autodesk released a software update (2020.1.1) for the AutoCAD 2020 product.  If you are ALSO using Autodesk Vault (2020) with your AutoCAD 2020 – please hold off on applying the 2020.1.1 update.
Other users have experienced error messages when trying to access Vault functionality from within AutoCAD.

If this particular update has already been applied, you can go into your Windows Control Panel -> Program & Features -> View Installed Updates.  From there, you can select the specific update (AutoCAD 2020.1.1) and remove it.
Until next time…