August 26, 2019

Posted by Mark Lancaster – Synergis Helpdesk Technical & Autodesk Expert Elite
Over the weekend I came across this post on LinkedIn from someone in my network.  For me personally, this was something I had never even considered, and possibly never even realized was possible via iLogic – but as Clint demonstrates, it is possible.  I wanted to take a few minutes this morning to make you aware of this potential security issue.  What Clint points out about protecting ourselves should be done no matter if you’re dealing with iLogic in your models and designs, or not.
With so many in the Autodesk community sharing information and program snippets to assist each other, it is important to know who you are sending/receiving information to and “think before you click”.  Now I’m not saying others are out to harm you, but if you don’t know what the entire code is doing, how do you know it’s not going to negatively impact your security, network infrastructure, or PC?  Although Autodesk recommends “ticking” this feature, it is not enabled by default.
To access this dialog box, please follow these steps:
Tools > Options

iLogic Configurator > Security Options

Manage > Event Triggers > Security

Check “Inspect rules for malicious code”

Until next time…