August 2, 2019

Posted by Mark Lancaster – Synergis Helpdesk Technical & Autodesk Expert Elite
On or around July 15, Autodesk began updating your Autodesk Account to include a new reporting tool to allow your assigned subscription administrator to report on seat usage associated to your single-user subscription based products. 

This reporting tool gives you insight into when your users activate their product and how frequently they are using it, over a given time period.  It also allows you to make smarter purchasing decisions by showing exactly how often your products are being used, by who, and when.  For a more detailed look into this tool, you can visit the Autodesk Knowledge Network.
As stated, the “Seat Usage” reporting option only appears for those who have been assigned to manage your subscription and users, and the reporting tool only reports on certain Autodesk products.  Those supported products can be found here.
Finally, here are some additional tips that will be beneficial to you when using this reporting functionality.

This symbol next to your product indicates that there could be additional products being reported on if they are being used by your team.  For example, with AutoCAD, you are entitled to use AutoCAD for MAC.  If you end up authorizing and using AutoCAD for MAC, its usage would also be reported under the AutoCAD section.
When you export your usage to a CSV file, the time frame for the exported file is fixed and cannot be changed or customized.
One of the common questions we’re hearing about the exported CSV file is related to the column called “hashed_user_id”.  “Why is it being displayed like this and not the actual user’s ID or Autodesk Account using the product?” 

Each hash ID listed is really associated with your users’ Autodesk Account and is provided in this format for security reasons.  Helpful tip: Since the hash ID never changes for the user, you could review the report and then associate the hash ID to a given Autodesk Account based on the date and what product/version they launched. From there you can store this correlation in a separate file and use it as a reference in future exports to determine each user’s useage of your products.
Do you need more assistance in understanding your Autodesk product seat usage to make better purchasing decisions or use of your products?  Let us know by email or giving us a call.