July 12, 2019

How to Accelerate Your Product Development Process

Engineers and designers are limited in time, resources, and energy that can be spent on a given design problem to fully explore both the design and manufacturing options that may be available.
Due to these constraints, they resort to heuristic, evolutionary, incremental improvements to previous design solutions created with proven, or in-use fabrication methods.  As a result, components are often over-designed to meet performance criteria with minimal change to the status quo making innovation and differentiation difficult.
Generative design is a new, disruptive technology poised to upend the current state of design and engineering.  No longer is the designer or engineer limited by their imagination, previous design history, or their past experience.  It is a design exploration tool that simultaneously generates multiple solutions based on real-world design goals, product performance requirements, and manufacturing constraints.

We invite you to check out Autodesk’s new ebook – Future of Making: Generative Design for Manufacturers.
Synergis Engineering Design Solutions is a premier Autodesk partner specializing in Product Design & Manufacturing, Fusion Lifecycle, and Generative Design.  Contact us now for a free analysis on how you and your firm can benefit from the disruptive innovation provided by Generative Design.
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