June 19, 2019

7/23/19 – ALL video links have now been updated below.  Thanks for watching!
7/12/19 – the 3rd video of our series has now been posted.
7/10/19 Update – the first two videos of the series have now been posted to YouTube.  Links included below.  As more videos are released we will keep updating this post to include the new links.

By Mark Lancaster
Synergis is excited to present a new video-series learning event revolving around the Autodesk Account.  While the Autodesk Account has been around for users for several years now, Autodesk has made some improvements and changes to the account to provide you with more access, capability, and functionality.  This series aims to take an in-depth look at the Autodesk Account and help educate users on how to navigate and use it.  Whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete novice, we think you will gain a ton of great info and insight from our video series.

Over the next several weeks, we will be releasing seven different videos highlighting specific areas within the Autodesk Account that you may (or may not!) already be aware of.  We will start with the basics and move into more advanced features and use of the Autodesk Account, while giving you some tips and tricks along the way on best practices.
This Synergis Video Series will be broken down into the following content:

  1. Intro to Your Autodesk Account
  2. Autodesk Software – Downloading & Installing
  3. Methods of Software Activation
  4. User Roles in the Autodesk Account
  5. Creating & Managing Your Users
  6. Generating a Network License File
  7. Cloud Credit Use & Reporting

Stay tuned – we plan to release our first video the week of July 1.
If you have ideas for a Synergis Video Series that you would like to see, or suggestions for other content that would “help you stay ahead”, be sure to drop a comment.
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