June 19, 2019

By Darin Green

Recently, a large number of Autodesk users have experienced display issues with their Autodesk applications when viewing on a high-resolution display monitor. High resolution monitors can cause many applications to look a little funny or even prevent users from being able to select certain buttons and other controls due to the scaling of dialog boxes.

Here is a solution that might help you:

  1. Exit/close the Autodesk application
  2. Right-click the application shortcut, and choose “Properties”
  3. Change to the “Compatibility” tab, and click “Change high DPI settings”
  4. Within the dialog box, check the box labeled “Override high DPI scaling behavior”
  5. Choose “System” from the “Scaling performed by” menu
  6. “Ok” all the way out
  7. Re-launch the application

If these steps don’t solve the problem for you, here are two other possible solutions from the Autodesk Knowledge Base:

Poorly scaled text in AutoCAD menus and palettes

How to change text size on the ribbon and toolbars in AutoCAD

If you are still unable to resolve your display issue using these resources, you can always contact Synergis Helpdesk support directly.

For more information on Synergis Helpdesk service, click here.