May 29, 2019

“I wish Inventor could do this!” “Why can’t Fusion 360 do that?”
Idea StationYou or someone you know may have professed a variation of the above statements at one time or another. I would like you to know that there is something you can do about your frustrations. You may or may not know that Autodesk has websites set up for most of their software called “Idea Stations”. You can go to these sites and offer your suggestions to improve the software. You can browse these sites just to see what is going on but you must sign-in to leave a suggestion, vote on someone else’s suggestion or leave a comment. I find it immensely informative to see that I am not the only person thinking of certain suggestions or variations thereof.
If you have never visited one of these sites, begin by doing some general browsing to get a feel of the suggestions and how they are presented. There are several ways to search for a particular topic. There is a Search bar on the top banner for a wide search of the entire site. You can narrow that search by selecting a Category on the right-hand side bar. You can also do a search within a category.
To get started, here are the locations for some of the Idea Sites:

If you are signed in you can vote for any suggestion that appeals to you with the “VOTE” button to the bottom left of any suggestion box. You can see the vote total to the right of the vote button.
If you are so inclined, you can leave a comment to the suggestion by selecting the “POST A COMMENT” button on the bottom right of the suggestion box. This is a site for positive suggestions and not complaining or criticizing so please follow some common decorum
If you think that you have a valid suggestion to improve the software you can do that by selecting the “SUBMIT IDEA” button on the top banner of any page. Before you hit that “SUBMIT IDEA” button I strongly encourage you to do a thorough search on several variations of your idea. By doing so you may find that your idea has been offered several times in several different ways.
You may wonder, why bother, what good is it? Autodesk software developers continually monitor these idea sites to understand where the user’s interests lie. The majority of improvements to individual software over the years have been taken directly from these very idea station suggestions. If you have a good suggestion and it gathers public support, it will most certainly come to the attention of software decision makers. That alone is a good reason to visit the site often and vote for ideas that you would like to see incorporated into the product. To quote the Rolling Stones, “You can’t always get what you want…but if you try sometime you might find…you get what you need.”