January 23, 2019

Drones—while still a newer kid on the block—are quickly becoming one of the most versatile tools on the construction site. In the last year alone, the construction industry experienced a 239% growth in drone use—higher than any other commercial sector. Here’s a look at some of the ways drones can propel your own organization forward and create better efficiency and safety on your worksites.

Faster site surveying

Drones are capable of moving much faster than boots on the ground, especially when surveying hard to access areas due to rough terrain or unstable building sites. They can visualize a site’s topography in a fraction of the time compared to traditional surveying, ensuring that projects are completed on time or even ahead of schedule.
Drones also take the cake in calculating volume measurements for earthwork projects. While it can take hours to measure stockpiles with traditional workflows, drones are able to create detailed point clouds within the same day. Need help making sense of the all the data? Our Synergis experts can help by providing an in-depth analysis of the estimated volume for you.

Catch problems sooner

As most construction engineers know, there’s a lot of moving parts on a construction site. Understanding the lay of the land of your site is essential to building the foundation for a successful project and catching problems early on. Drones can be used to create a 3D visualization of your worksite—made up of thousands or even millions of georeferenced points—to give you real-world context. This is especially beneficial for reconstruction projects, as it can give you a better understanding your site’s as-is condition.

Improved safety practices

With drones, you don’t have to risk safety for accurate data. Manual surveying can require field professionals to climb to unsteady heights or navigate around hazardous conditions. In these situations, it’s all too common for them to slip and fall. Drones can replace workers in the measurement process, mitigating risk and keeping your workforce safe and productive on the ground.

Monitor project progression

To keep projects running smoothly and within budget, it’s crucial to monitor how the worksite is progressing as it is being developed. Drones can scan a jobsite within minutes and produce impressive aerial views that give your team—and clients—a grasp of the project’s progression. An orthomosiac image and point cloud can help you compare as-designed to as-built.

Integration with BIM 360 and other Autodesk tools

Gone are the days where your data is out-of-sync across platforms. Drone data can now be easily processed into TIFFs, topographic maps, point clouds, and 3D mesh files and then integrated with Autodesk BIM 360 and other Autodesk tools, including AutoCAD.
Drones are revolutionizing the way construction projects are being executed. Interested in seeing how drones can impact your own organization? Our scanning services let you experience the adoption of this emerging technology without the investment. Connect with us to learn more.