October 25, 2018

Posted on October 25, 2018 by Synergis Applications Consultant, Jim Swain
Autodesk Nastran solver is an industry-recognized, general purpose finite element analysis (FEA) solver known for its accuracy in analyzing linear and nonlinear stress, dynamics, and heat transfer characteristics of structures and mechanical components – and now it’s available directly in your CAD system with Nastran In-CAD.
Nastran In-CAD offers simulation spanning across multiple analysis types, giving you the ability to test design studies earlier in the design process and answer design-related questions you may not have otherwise investigated without the investment of expensive prototypes.
The best part? If you’re already subscribed to the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, you already have Nastran In-CAD! We’ll highlight the most important analyses you can perform to optimize your designs quickly and efficiently.
Stress Analysis – Static and Transient
Nastran In-CAD can quickly perform the basic stress analysis that may already be part of your early design process. It allows you to analyze displacement and stresses on your design and guide any necessary changes while it is relatively inexpensive to execute. Watch the video to see the stress analysis in action.

Modal analysis – Natural Frequencies
Designs are often subject to vibrations when installed in the field. Nastran In-CAD can perform modal analysis for various types of input such as transient modal frequency response, impact, and more. This analysis allows you to evaluate how designs will behave with expected vibrations and decide early in the design process if material thickness should be adjusted or additional stiffeners should be added. Watch the video to see the modal analysis step-by-step.

Thermal analysis – Static and Transient
Nastran In-CAD’s thermal analysis provides insight into how designs may behave due to various thermal stresses. Simulation spans across multiple thermal analysis types, such as linear steady state heat transfer, nonlinear steady state, and transient heat transfer. In this video example, Jim Swain performs an assumed convention across the surface on an exhaust pipe, and more.

Buckling analysis – Collapsing
Do you often encounter problems in your designs due to unforeseen buckling? Nastran In-CAD’s buckling analysis allows you to visually see how a design, such as a truss made up of multiple beams connected at mid- and end-points, may behave under a side loading in the field.

Vibration and fatigue – Lifetime predictions
Nastran In-CAD can also evaluate the expected lifetime of a part based on fatigue loading. The video below demonstrates a multi-axial fatigue analysis. To perform this analysis, the material itself must include fatigue data and the load must be set up to have a variation with time.

Nastran In-CAD’s various analyses can help you strengthen and guide your designs without costly prototyping, allowing you to make informed decisions early in the design process.
Want to explore more of what Nastran In-CAD has to offer? Check out our upcoming Nastran In-CAD classes by heading to our training schedule. Have a specific question or concern? Contact us.