October 24, 2018

Posted on October 24, 2018 by Synergis Applications Consultant, Dave Breiner
In a previous YouTube video, iLogic Form: Title Block, Applications Consultant Dave Breiner provided tips for how to best utilize the title block on an iLogic form, from streamlining the title block entry of information with the use of an iLogic form to quickly filling out your title block information.
During the tutorial, we referenced adding iLogic rules to a drawing. We’ve since received some questions from subscribers asking for a tutorial on this concept. iLogic rules allow you to define the behavior of model attributes, features, and components. Let’s dig in and demonstrate how to get started.
This video will show you how to create iLogic rules in the drawing environment by changing the title block, changing the scale of the views on the drawing, and by adding a rule to the form.
Going down the iLogic rabbit hole? You’ve come to the right place. Learn how to fill out your title block with an iLogic form and do more with it in our previous blog posts. Plus, check out iLogic Tips Playlist on our YouTube channel.