September 25, 2018

The latest versions of Revit and Civil 3D released last month to subscribers, and promises to drive more efficiency, and better connect teams and data. We’ll highlight the most important features you should be utilizing within your own projects. Let’s dig in.
Site Collaboration
Site Collaboration within Revit 2019.1 with Civil 3D introduces unprecedented interoperability between the two products, allowing civil engineers and architects to better collaborate on large infrastructure projects. New workflows help save time and improve accuracy when transferring site information and project location data between project teams. Plus, you can easily link topography from Civil 3D into Revit using Autodesk Desktop connection.
Additional Revit 2019.1 Features
The Revit 2019.1 release also includes new capabilities that help you connect, create, and optimize. These features significantly deepen workflows with Autodesk BIM 360 project delivery and construction management software. They include:

  • Free-form rebar aligned distribution
  • Improvements to perspective views
  • Dialog sizing
  • Tour the release and check out the Revit Blog for more information

Additional Civil 2019.1 Features
The Civil 3D 2019.1 release works to create a more seamless experience in Civil 3D and deepen interoperability across Autodesk products, enabling customers to adopt and move to more advanced BIM workflows. These new features include:

  • Production efficiency
  • Best fit alignment for complex geometry
  • Enhancements to rail project workflows
  • Learn more about these features

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