June 21, 2018

As we look back on last month’s Synergis University 2018, our 13th annual learning event, we are so very grateful to have the opportunity to spend the day with over 200 of our long-time valued customers, our partners at Autodesk, Leica, and Cimquest. This year’s event featured special guest speakers Ralph Schoch from Victaulic, Rob Lehman from Eastern Exterior Walls, Rick Carter from Warfel Construction, and Rick Ellis from Cadapult Software Solutions, Inc. And, a few of our perennial  favorites: Lynn Allen and Robert Green.
We heard from our keynote speaker Sean Manzanares of Autodesk on the future of construction and manufacturing, and how we’ll continue to see processes and methods converge in these different disciplines. We’re already seeing evidence of it today with printed (additive manufacturing) concrete walls and pre-fabricated wall systems.
We also heard how the transition to Autodesk’s subscription-based licensing model is providing incremental value to all of you with the release of new functionality and tools. One such example is the generative design functionality within Fusion 360, which was simply added to your subscription at no additional cost. Generative design gives you access to the computing power of the cloud to generate thousands of possible designs. The tool enables you to evaluate multiple designs so you can create lighter, stronger, and cheaper parts, ultimately saving you money and giving you a strategic advantage over your competition. For more info on Fusion 360, visit
In addition to learning about what is new at Autodesk, we had the opportunity to share “what’s new at Synergis.”
One of the trends you’re likely seeing in your business is the need to provide customized products and solutions to your customers. In this way, Synergis is no different. As such, we’ve developed business process assessments and health checks, which are designed to identify areas where we can help companies streamline, improve, and automate processes, as well as leverage digital design data throughout the organization. As a result of these assessments and health checks, we are demonstrating and proving out tangible productivity gains through simple workflow improvements and technologies like Vault or Synergis Adept for data management, Fusion Lifecycle (Autodesk’s Product Lifecycle solution), and BIM 360 Design (Autodesk’s Building Information design and construction platform).
And, if we find that there isn’t an off-the-shelf solution, we have the ability to develop a customized application for you to streamline information and data flow throughout your organization, integrate enterprise business systems, and automate repetitive design processes.
The other customized services area where we’ve experienced significant growth is in project-based managed services. Several of our application consultants have been contracted under longer term engagements to provide BIM, design and/or modeling services to augment design teams when the project workload is too great. In these engagements, we’re an extension of your design team when project timelines are compressed or you’re looking for experienced and professionally certified contract designers to expand your knowledge or increase your design throughput.
We also wanted to share that as Autodesk transitioned to subscription licenses and with the introduction of Autodesk Collections, we felt it was imperative that we invest in Customer Success resources to provide even more support to you through the transition. Our Customer Success team is available to aid in software activations, provide guidance to navigate your Autodesk Account to manage your license pools, and help you and your organization adopt the many tools at your fingertips with Autodesk Collections. And, as long as you’re a current Synergis customer, simply contact your Account Manager to engage our Customer Success team.
In closing, we realize you have options when it comes to acquiring your Autodesk software, and we are grateful for your ongoing commitment to partnering with Synergis so that we can continue to develop the services offerings that can help you stay ahead.
-Kristen Tomasic, President