November 6, 2017

The cloud is enabling a new era of modern manufacturing. It is helping manufacturers not only transform operations, supply chains, design and production processes, but also drive innovation, accelerate growth, and enhance the customer experience — all while lowering information technology (IT) costs. With the cloud playing an increasingly larger role in manufacturing, there has been an influx of workplace and productivity apps and tools designed to meet just about every need, blurring the lines between personal and work devices and programs. As a result, manufacturers, with their small, relatively flat IT structure, are challenged to keep track of all of the communication and collaboration tools employees use to perform their daily jobs.
Cloud-based enterprise communications apps and tools can play a positive role in business growth. Here are three reasons why manufacturers should consider a cloud-based communications system:

  • The Cloud Provides Manufacturers More Flexibility and Personalization
  • The Proliferation of Cloud-Based Communication Tools = the Proliferation of Data
  • Silos are a Thing of the Past

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