October 16, 2017

Posted on October 16, 2017 by Synergis’ Application Consultant, Bill Knittle
Following a recent Revit 2018 Advanced course, I uncovered a problem in Revit 2018 and I immediately issued the problem to Autodesk Support.
The bug involves the new feature Geo-referencing. This feature was meant to ease the coordination of Civil coordinates within Revit. Unfortunately, this broke a legacy workflow called Campus Projects.
Campus Projects solve the problem of the same building model being leveraged two or more times on the same site. Basically, a user would generate the topography model from linked CAD data provided by the Civil team. Then, a separate building model would be linked (externally referenced) to the project containing the topography. Once positioned X,Y, and Z, the linked building model could be copied or mirrored to other locations on the site. Thus, forming the Campus Project. In the past, the positions of each instance of the link could be recorded and saved back to the linked building model file.

As you can see, the second instance will not allow the user to create a named location to be saved to the building model.  This functionality works as expected in 2017 and earlier.

Autodesk just reached back to me to let me know that it is a bug and the development team is aware of the situation. They intend to repair the issue in a possible update or version of Revit.  For more information on this, here is a link to the Knowledge Network.