June 27, 2017

Posted on June 27, 2017 by Synergis Applications Consultant, Jim Swain
No, this mystery isn’t the size of finding Amelia Earhart or the Fountain of Youth. Not even close.
This mystery is: why are the Inventor Origin Planes in this order in the Browser?
The order of the planes makes sense if you think of the planes not as YZ, XZ and XY, but by their normal vectors: X, Y and Z. Here is the same Browser order after I renamed the planes.
So even though I can rename the planes in my files I wish the default templates from Autodesk came that way. And it looks like some of you wish this as well.
How do I know?  Ever look at the Autodesk wish lists? They are out in the Autodesk Forums.
To help make this a reality, vote for it!
Here’s how. Clicking on the Inventor link brings up this:

Once you log in with your Autodesk account info you can vote for  this idea or others, and submit your own. Please check for similar ideas before putting in your own. Six votes for a good idea is more effective than six good ideas with one vote each.
Here I did a quick search on “origin plane names” and got over a 1,000 hits. I guess I’d better do a little more research before I put in a new idea.
Until next time…
Jim Swain