February 8, 2017

Posted on February 8, 2017 by Synergis Vault Application Specialist, Joe Corson
A few changes have been made to Vault licenses with the 2017 release of Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional. The purchasing of licenses has changed a bit, the managing of licenses has been made easier, and the way a license is used has changed.
Single User Licenses
New to 2017 you can now purchase single user licenses. This means there will be no struggles of waiting for a license to become available.
When the user opens the Vault client for the first time they will be asked for a license file or a license server system, this is where they can designate whether they have a single user license or are using the network license. The Autodesk contact for the company will need to link the license to the user’s Autodesk account.
In the past, the Administrator would have to create an ‘Options’ file location with the network license file designating licenses to single users of groups of users. This can still be done, but the single user license makes the process much easier.
License Management
In previous releases of Vault Workgroup and Professional, when a user would log into the Vault, the Vault would look at the license server to check for available licenses. Now the client’s computer checks for a license before trying to log into the Vault.
License Usage
When all licenses were being used in earlier releases of Vault, trying to figure out who had licenses out was not exactly easy. Now you will see the username of the person logged into the computer accessing Vault, the computer name they are accessing Vault from, and the date and time the user logged into Vault.
A big change is that now the Windows account is using the license, a user may log into multiple instances of Vault using different credentials and they will only consume one Vault license. This also means if a user’s workstation is being used as a job processor only one license will be consumed.
With these changes to licensing, companies who give contractor’s access to their Vault will no longer have to purchase extra licenses for the contractors to use if the contracting company has a Vault with their own licenses. The contracting company will link to their own license server, or use a single user license, to connect to the company’s Vault.
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