January 4, 2017

Connect project data, communication, and your entire project team with Collaboration for Revit
Collaboration for Revit® subscription service works with Revit to connect building project teams with centralized access to BIM project data in the cloud.
Today’s need for real-time project communication throughout the design and engineering process is more critical than ever. Socializing coordinated files throughout the project team allows for immediate feedback through mobile devices.  See how you can enable dispersed project teams to work concurrently on Revit central files, communicate with the team directly through the Revit environment, remove the limitations of firewalls, or concerns for IT setup, and extend BIM or CAD file viewing capabilities on mobile devices.

Here is what you get:
Centralized access to project data in the cloud

  • Does not require complex, costly IT setup, installation, and maintenance.
  • Overcome corporate firewalls and physical location barriers.
  • Replace costly, inefficient work-arounds for sharing models, such as use of FTP sites, sharing software, or email with attached PDFs.

In-context communication
With a contextual awareness of who’s working on which models, easily converse with another team member. Get an integrated activity feed to understand model changes from others to locate collaborators and communicate directly. Get chat message notifications, connection requests, and sync status for shared models.
Extended team integration
Data from projects hosted in Collaboration for Revit surfaces in BIM 360 to make models viewable and searchable with no exports, translations, or uploads required. Requires only a web browser, iOS, or Android mobile device.
External contributors who do not have access to Revit can share, access, and search design data; discuss challenges and successes; and stay current with project activities. Since BIM 360 works with nearly all project data formats, collaboration can be centralized in one platform.

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