December 22, 2016
Posted on December 22, 2016 by Synergis Product Support Manager, Darin Green

Revit give users the ability to create & review cut/fill computation by way of using the Graded Region tool. It’s come to our attention that some users are running into issues where the building pad is cutting in one phase but not the other. We’ve been able to reproduce those results.
Users would use the Copy/Paste tool to create the existing and new construction surface which will not produce Cut/Fill Results in order to move on with their project. However, below is a workable solution to this issue.

  1. Create the Topographic for the Existing phase.
  2. Create a new view for the new construction phase, then use the Graded Region tool
  3. When prompted, select the Existing Topo so the new topo can be built from the existing.

At this point we can start cutting the surface around the existing and new construction building footprint…
The Existing footprint, we want to cut the service using the Split Surface tool and on New Construction, we’ll use the Building Pad tool.

  1. Back to the Existing Phase view, start the Split Surface tool located on the Massing & Site tab > Model Site panel.
  2. When prompted, select the existing surface, the trace around the existing building footprint…
  3. Before exiting the mode, set the Phase Created & Demolished to Existing

The Existing surface should now have a hole around the existing building. Now, let’s turn to our New Construction building…

  1. On the New Construction view, start the Building Pad tool located on the Massing & Site tab > Model Site panel.
  2. Trace around the new construction building footprint
  3. In the properties browser, set your Height Offset From Level to a negative value (i.e. -20′)

You will now have cut/fill computation based on the differences between the existing and proposed surface.

Final Results: