December 20, 2016
Are you an engineer that is still creating disconnected information in multiple applications?
Are you a specialty contractor looking to understand how to leverage Revit models for MEP?
Are you new to BIM and tools such as Revit for MEP?
It is proven that implementing BIM can bring tremendous value to a wide range of project types. However, It takes well trained individuals that know how to use BIM tools such as Revit that can make the most impact. The Revit models being generated are capable of so much more than just simply meeting the required 2D documentation and 3D coordination demands of every project. They are empowering the engineers, manufacturers, installers, and owners with a single source of reliable data used to inform critical decisions at each stage of a project. Remember, we only get one chance to get it right! So, where do you stand with your knowledge of Revit for MEP?
Synergis offers a variety of training courses to hone your MEP skills in Revit.  Click below to learn more or connect with us.
Course Dates Location
Autodesk Revit MEP Essentials for Plumbing Systems January 24-26 Quakertown
Autodesk Revit MEP Essentials for Mechanical Systems February 21-23 Quakertown
Autodesk Revit MEP Essentials March 7-10 Quakertown
Autodesk Revit MEP Essentials for Electrical Systems April 4-6 Quakertown