December 5, 2016

Like all manufacturers, you compete in the marketplace for customers. You can compete based on any number of
factors, including price. But the most sustainable, and profitable, advantage comes when you establish competitive
separation based on unique core competences—which enables you to offer highly differentiated, innovative
products and processes that no competitor can match.
So how do you achieve competitive separation? You structure product development to prevent your products from
becoming commodities. You price based on materials and manufacturing costs plus your margin. But sticking to
traditional product development processes keeps you mired in fixed product value. The old way is driven by linear
processes and tools designed to support linear modes of working; you research, design, mass produce, and repeat,
hoping to stay ahead of competitors (who rely on similar static processes).
But true competitive separation takes you a step further—by transforming product development to deliver smart
products that can learn, evolve, and generate ongoing revenue. People want such products now, and they will
demand them in the future.
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