September 8, 2016
Three Synergis team members will present at AU.

Todd Schmoock and Jim Swain, Autodesk Application Specialists, and Mark Lancaster, Autodesk Product Support Specialist, will be teaching this year.
Check out their classes:
Jim Swain:
SIM20752: Making Models Ready for Analysis—A Hands-on Introduction to SimStudio Tools
In this class, you will use SimStudio Tools to change models from fully detailed, production-ready components to models that are suitable for analysis in Autodesk CFD software, Simulation Mechanical software, or Moldflow software. Production models are more finely detailed than needed for simulation analysis. This leads to either long analysis run times due to high element counts, large effort put into remodeling designs into simpler forms, or often both. And that is if they run at all! You will use SimStudio Tools to simplify an existing circuit board and enclosure design for use in an Autodesk CFD software airflow and cooling analysis. You will then use SimStudio Tools to adjust the enclosure geometry for improved cooling. This session features SimStudio and CFD.
Wednesday, Nov 16, 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Todd Schmoock:
GEN21060: Migrating from AutoCAD to AutoCAD Electrical
So, you have hundreds, and maybe thousands, of standard AutoCAD software drawings that represent your electrical designs, and you’re uncertain about moving to AutoCAD Electrical software because you think you’ll have to redraw all your electrical designs. Well, guess what? You don’t have to. AutoCAD Electrical software ships with conversion tools that enable you to convert the standard AutoCAD entities into smart AutoCAD Electrical content. This class will show you how to use enough of the conversion tools to get you on the right circuit to energize those individual drawings into a project that recognizes all of the drawings that represent your product. This session features AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD.
Tuesday, Nov 15, 4:45 PM – 5:45 PM
Mark Lancaster:
Mark is a co-speaker with Chris Benner – CAD Department Supervisor, Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing, Inc.
PD15320: Increasing the Volume with Inventor Tube & Pipe
This class will be a presentation of tips, tricks, and work-arounds for the Inventor software Tube & Pipe add-in. A powerful design tool built into the Inventor software landscape, Tube & Pipe is the bread-and-butter tool for many designers. We will explore some advanced editing techniques, as well as secrets and work-arounds for successfully routing and populating pipe runs in this environment. The class will focus on rigid piping, but tips will be applicable to flexible hose and tubing design as well. This session features Inventor Professional.
Wednesday, Nov 16, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
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