June 22, 2016

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Webinar Series webinar recordings are available for Part 1 & 2
Join us for Part 3: Quality Management

If you missed the first two webcasts:
Part 1, New Product Development / Introduction
Would you like to improve the quantity, speed, or accuracy (or all three) with which your business delivers new products to the market? Learn how Fusion Lifecycle can manage your new product development process and reduce time to market, improve productivity, and provide visibility to delays and bottlenecks.

  • New Product Introduction capabilities:
    • Stage Gate Process Workflow and Approvals
    • Manage Tasks and associate them to the gate process
    • Associate BOM directly to the product and gate process
    • Real-Time Progress Status, Dashboards, and Reporting
    • Real-Time To-Do Lists, Notifications, and Escalations

Part 2, Items, Bills of Material, and Change Management
Are your items, bills of materials, and changes all managed effectively? And in a single location? Learn how Fusion Lifecycle can be that single location to efficiently and effectively manage all this critical business data and processes. And see how this would reduce errors, improve productivity, improve reuse, improve access to relevant information, and reduce delays for your business.

  • Item, BOM, and Change Management capabilities:
    • Manage Item and BOM revisions and lifecycle status
    • Easily compare a BOM of different revision levels, or two different BOM’s
    • Configurable BOM views for multiple roles
    • Use Part Classification to improve item number and description creation
    • Integrated Visualization for drawings and models
    • Associate the Affected Items to Change Requests / Change Orders
    • Attach Mark-ups
    • Flexible Review and Approval
    • Include 3rd Party Suppliers and Partners
    • Real-Time To-Do Lists, Notifications, and Escalations

Part 3, Quality Management
Are your Quality data and processes effectively managed and informing all the appropriate people at the appropriate times? Are your Quality management processes part of a closed loop system that directly drives engineering changes? Learn how Fusion Lifecycle can manage your quality data and processes and lead to improved productivity, reduce delays, and improve access to relevant information.

  • Quality Management capabilities:
    • Linked, closed loop processes and data traceability from issue to engineering change
    • Management and visibility of CAPA, RMA, and Non-Conformance processes
    • Tracking of items conformity to standards (RoHS, REACH, etc.)
    • Real-time reporting of quality data
    • Real-Time To-Do Lists, Notifications, and Escalations

Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Time: 10:00 am to 11:00 am