June 22, 2016

Posted on June 22, 2016 by Synergis Vault Application Specialist, Joe Corson
While pushing your files or items through your workflows do you have to add initials and dates into your Inventor or AutoCAD title blocks? Are you currently manually adding them by opening and editing the files? Do you have Vault users with no AutoCAD or Inventor knowledge approving drawings and then you have to go back and add their initials and dates? Start using the DataWorks Property Automation tool to automate this process.
With the DataWorks tool you are able to push information to the file or items properties on state changes inside your workflows. For instance, in the picture below, DataWorks will be pushing what state the Item is in to the files properties, and also once the file has been checked it will push the Checker’s initials and date, and finally once the file is released the Approver’s initials and date will be pushed to the file. With the simple synchronize properties and dwf update, the properties will be viewable in the preview pane and will be shown on the drawings title block.
Vault a1 
In this next image you will see DataWorks can also set which states are inaccessible from certain states. So below you see in the Basic Release Process no one is able to move a file from Work In Progress to Release.
Vault a2
And finally, DataWorks has its own User Settings. Here you can set who, if anyone, is allowed to edit any properties that are being controlled by the DataWorks Vault Properties. This can be set so no user can forge approver’s initials to move a file or item along in the workflow. DataWorks will grab the list of all enabled users inside you Vault so you can add user initials to be pushed into properties.
For one more level of security you can set and require a unique password for all enabled users to be used on state changes. Any user who does not have a password will not be allowed to change the state of files or items.
Vault a3
As you see in the image below, only the Administrator is able to modify controlled properties. On the right you see where you can require a password and below that is where you will set the password for each individual user.
Vault a5