April 28, 2016

Posted on April 28, 2016 by Synergis Product Support Specialist, Mark Lancaster
Setting up your templates for Inventor can be very useful to your organization.  However we may overlook the not so obvious things that would also be beneficial to us.  So I thought since Inventor 2017 was just released a few weeks ago, I would take this opportunity to share some other settings you might want to consider when configuring your templates.
Part Templates

  1. For Inventor 2017, the part template now has “View” definitions defined in them. So you may want to redo your part template using this new information.
  2. Do most of your models start with a common material? Define your part template to always use that material definition.  Located under Tools/Document Settings/Standard tab.Inv1
  3. Do you model components that are small and large? If so, create different templates that have an “Initial View Extents” setting to match the size of components you typically model.  Thus limit the amount of times you have to zoom in/out while creating your first sketch.   Located under Tools/Document Settings/Modeling tab.Inv2
  4. When creating tapped holes in your parts, does your manufacturing process require a certain tapped hole configuration? Define your part template to use the right setting.  Located under Tools/Document Settings/Modeling tab.Inv3
  5. Do you need specific BOM information based on a given component? Create different templates using the Bill of Materials information.  Located under Tools/Document Settings/Modeling tab.Inv4

Assembly Templates

  1. Do you have a standard configuration for your Bill of Materials? Define your assembly template to always use that configuration.  Enable the related structure and define the columns you want to see.  Located under Assemble/Bill of Materials.Inv5

Drawing Templates

  1. Most times we’re focused on setting up the drawing styles and may overlook the document settings. Is this the case for you?  Here are some settings that you should also consider.  Located under Tools/Document Settings/Drawing tab.Inv6
  • What about automated centerlines?
  • Shaded views in your drawings? Select “Always” for the “Use bitmap” option and improve drawing performance.
  • Does your design often change and you lose annotations on the related drawing? Click the Preserve Orphaned Annotation option to maintain those types of annotations.
  • Are you using iLogic, iCopy, or some other automated workflow to generate drawings and you spend time cleaning up the annotations? Define your dimension text alignment and limit the amount of time you’re spending cleaning up the drawing.

Hopefully the settings I have shared today have been helpful for you.  If you have any questions about setting up your templates, please let us know.  Until next time….