March 22, 2016

Posted on March 22, 2016 by Synergis Product Support Specialist, Mark Lancaster
Like any software you learn tips and tricks about it. Some of those tips we use on a daily basis and others we plain forget about them because we do not use them enough. For example, I forgot about this Inventor tip until I was reminded of it in a conversation I was having the other day.
Let’s say you have an Inventor part that has a long browser tree and at some point you just want to start over at a certain point within the browser. Yes, I could there and select the features to delete but here’s the tip you may have forgotten about or didn’t know it existed.
Take the EOP (end of part) marker in the browser and drag it up to the location where you want to restart from.Mark1
Next right mouse click on the EOP marker and select “Delete All Features Below EOP”.Mark2
There you go, a fast way of removing many features at once using this helpful tip.Mark3
Until next time…
Mark L.