February 12, 2016

Posted on February 12, 2016 by Synergis Applications Consultant, Dave Breiner
Configurator 360 may be just what your company is looking for! First, let’s answer your two biggest questions:

  • What is Configurator 360?
  • How can it help my company?

What it is, is a cloud based solution that enables you to provide engineers, sales reps and end customers access to a 3D configuration of your products. Being a cloud based solution, there is no software or servers to maintain. You can upload existing models and have them available in minutes. You can control access to your products to authorized users only or grant access to everyone.
You can use your already created parameter driven Inventor parts and assemblies or iLogic driven parts and assemblies. Inventor Engineer-to-Order parts and assemblies can also be used.
It is easy to upload and configure a model. Being at the administrator page of your Configurator 360 account. Dave1
Select the New Design button in the upper left of the page.Dave2
Select the file you would like to use, the format, name then select “Upload”.Dave3
The loaded model appears in your catalog. You can add a description and choose who can view the model. Unrestricted Viewing or Authorized Users Only. Authorized Users Only are those that you invite to view the catalog by email invitation.
The people you allow to view the catalog will see a list of you products with a brief description. Dave4
Your customer can select any product which you have granted permission for them to view.
When the customer makes a selection, they will see the product and be able to make configuration selections. Dave5
You can set up Configurator 360 to present a wide variety of download options from 3D to 2D formats to Image formats as shown below in the Administrator Download Options.Dave6
Your customer will see the options that you have granted and they can make their selection from that list. Dave7
Below is a PDF drawing that was downloaded to the customer with the view of the configuration they selected.Dave8
All of this is great for your customer but what about you? One of the really great features is that your customer can request a quote. The RFQ page is setup by you in the Options. Dave9
When the RFQ is submitted by the customer, you receive an email notice. When you sign into Configurator 360 as the administrator, you can view the request details, view and/or download the model as the customer configured it in their session of Configurator 360 at the time of the RFQ.
Configurator 360 is available for both Macs and PCs and can run on Internet Explorer 11 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Opera 22 or later and Safari 5.1 or later. In addition to computer options, Configurator 360’s mobile app can be used on iPads.
Configurator 360 presents you with a new way to interact and connect with customers and clients.
Try Configurator 360 for free for 30 days.
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