January 14, 2016

Posted on Janaury 14, 2015 by Product Support Manager, Darin Green

What is it?

The Autodesk Exchange site was developed and is maintained by Autodesk. Autodesk provides individuals with the opportunity to sell their applications on the Autodesk Exchange site. These individuals have faced the same challenges as you and decided to developed an application to speed up their process or correct reoccurring issues.
Below are some recommendations to consider which may speed up productivity. Take a few minutes out of your day to search and review some of the plugins available on the Autodesk Exchange. I guarantee you’ll find at least 1 or 2 plugins that would benefit you and your company.

darin1Table Extractor

Designed to export tables from AutoCAD to Excel regardless of complexity. What do I mean by complexity?
If your table has custom headers or exploded down to lines and text with a single click, you can export it to excel and maintain the format. WOW.
Trail available: 10 days
Cost: $14.99
Check it out now.


A plugin designed for Inventor users to automate drawing creation from parts and assemblies using custom or default templates for drawing setups. A new feature was added for generating sheet metal flat patterns for CNC processing.
Cost: Free
Check it out now.


Designed CADManagerTools to batch process a large number of tasks from cleaning to updating geometry within your model. This plugin runs customs lisp routines behind the scenes to process documents. For example, with this plugin you can update attributes, title-blocks, purge entities, modify drawOrder by layers or blocks and that is only a preview of what’s available. The developers of BatchInEditor also develop a number of other applications such as Block & Layer management.
Cost: Free
Check it out now.

Family Manager Basicdarin4

A must have plugin for Revit. If you are a Revit user and do not have access to Autodesk Vault, then this tool would suffice in managing your content. With this tool you can preview, load, and save non-legacy families.
Cost: $2.99
Check it out now.