December 18, 2015

Posted on December 18, 2015 by Synergis Applications Consultant Todd Schmoock
Autodesk University was another exciting event this year filled with classes to near new software, and evening activities to network with colleagues. There were enough classes in the manufacturing area to pick software you wanted to learn from scratch, and classes you wanted to attend for tips and tricks.
I chose the Reality Computing track since I work with the Factory Design Suite, and Synergis is a Leica GeoSystems Partner. I was fortunate to understand much of the workflows since I have been working with reality computing for the last six months, and I was able to pick up on many tips and tricks- it will take me several months to try them all out.
If you were unable to attend AU this year you can download class materials that interest you. I recommend looking for the lab classes. Look for the labs that have tutorial files and exercise handout available to download. This way, even though you couldn’t be there, you can work through the material the instructor used in class.
Check out available classes now.