August 26, 2015

Discover How AU 2015 Can Help You Compete
Synergis Engineering Design Solutions is proud to be an official Reseller Sponsor at Autodesk University (AU) 2015.
From in-depth tutorials to free Autodesk Certification Exams, plus an Exhibit Hall showcasing the newest technologies and Innovation Forums where experts explore the latest technologies and discuss how to benefit from them, AU 2015 offers new ways to work and collaborate, and new tools to help you push the boundaries of design and stay competitive.
We invite you to join us at AU 2015 in Las Vegas, December 1-3, 2015. Register now to find the best selection of classes and labs and select Synergis as your reseller!
Synergis Presents at AU 2015
Todd Schmoock and Jim Swain, two of our Autodesk Application Specialists, will be presenting. Check out their classes:
Join Todd for How to Successfully Implement Factory Design Suite (PM10584-R); Wednesday, Dec 2, 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Are you looking at implementing Factory Design Suite at your company? Maybe you are in the process of implementing Factory Design Suite, or you tried to implement Factory Design Suite and had some issues. With all of the variables to consider like how many employees will need access, will some need to access while traveling, shared content, creating content, templates, drawing/project properties, etc. it can be overwhelming. This class will allow you to see how others have implemented the Factory Design Suite software, and will give best practices from companies using Factory Design Suite who have implemented it successfully.

And check out Jim’s From Art to Part—Plastic Part Design with Product Design Suite (CP9884); Thursday, Dec 3, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Do you need to take a concept and make it a reality? Does that reality include injection-molded parts? Do you need to get your design reviewed and approved quickly? If the answer to even 2 out of 3 of these questions is “yes,” you should attend this class. We will also look at answers to these questions, and at an even more important question: How can we make changes on an overall assembly’s shape while still developing individual piece details? To do this we will explore workflows within Product Design Suite software and add a dash of Simulation DFM software for good measure.
When prompted during registration, be sure to select Synergis as the reseller who invited you to AU.
Register now for AU 2015 in Las Vegas.  Let us know if you will be at AU 2015 so we can invite you to our reception taking place on Monday evening, November 30, 2015.