August 19, 2015

Posted on August 19, 2015 by Synergis Vault Applications Consultant Joe Corson
Are you using the Autoloader to load your files into the Vault? Do you have files with no preview? Are you tired of individually updating the preview for every file? Every time you change the state of a file, do you have to manually update the preview and resync the properties?
Start using the Job Processor, and let Vault create preview and sync properties for you. With the Job Server enabled you can update multiple files using the resources of multiple computers to speed up the process. Every computer or server with the Job Server enabled will start processing the dwf creation and property sync. The job processor will be installed when you install the Vault Client. You will need to have Inventor installed on your machine for your Inventor previews and AutoCAD installed for any AutoCAD previews.Vault 1
Go to:

  • Tools
  • Administration
  • Global Settings

On the Integrations Tab check the Enable Job Server boxVault 2
If you have one file with no preview you can either update locally which will update the preview right immediately or you can queue the update.Update
Or you can select multiple files
Go to:Vault 4

  • Actions
  • Update View
  • Queue Update

This will put all the selected files into the Job Server Queue.Vault 5
To update the view and synchronize properties during file state changes you need to have it selected inside the Action Tab while setting the transition settings of your Lifecycle Definitions.
Go to:

  • Tools
  • Administration
  • Vault Settings

On the Behaviors tab click Lifecycles, select the lifecycle you want to edit, Click Edit on top. On the Transitions tab select the transition, edit, and on the Actions tab hit the drop-down next to ‘Synchronize properties using Job Server’ and change it to ‘Synchronize properties and update view using Job Server’. You have to do this for every transition inside your workflow.Vault 6
With the Autoloader you have the option to Create Visualization Attachment either immediately or using the Job Server. If you have a lot of files select the option to use the Job Server. This will upload the files to the Vault and add the files to the Job Queue to have the dwf created later. This will save time in the upload process.Vault 7
Once you have files inside the Job Queue you will need to open up the Job Processor on all machines you want to use as Job Processors and log in. After your first log in, the Job Processor will remember your credentials and you can set it to open on computer startup. The Job Processor is an application outside of the Vault. Once you open the Job Processor,
 Go to:

  • File
  • Pause
  • Administration
  • Settings

Here you will find the login screen. Input your credentials and the server name.Vault 8
Once you log in the Job Processor will start creating dwfs and synchronizing properties automatically.Vault 9
Some extra notes:

  • Synergis recommends having a dedicated machine to run the Job Process as this can be running at all times.
  • Job Processor will take a Vault and Inventor license if running on a dedicated Job Processing machine, but only while the Job Processor is running.

Joe joined the Synergis document management team early in 2015. With over 10 years of experience in the Manufacturing CAD world, Joe comes to us most recently from Phoenix Forge where he designed new parts and managed their document management needs. Joe has an Associate Degree in CAD and Design from the Thompson Institute.