August 17, 2015

We all know the value of maintain your subscription. It helps you to avoid the pain of paying for a new version each time a new release is available. And this is even more important with the new Autodesk software model. Autodesk maintenance plan benefits are imperative in order to keep up with ever-changing technology. You also have the option to continue using previous versions as needed. But what else can this contract do for you? And how can it help you manage your assets?
Manage your assets: Most obvious to those who work with this benefit is the easy management of seeing all your assets in one place, and being able to download them as well as easily install service packs as they are released.
Before any action can be taken, you need to log into your personal Autodesk Account using your user ID and password. Once logged in, a whole word of options is opened up for you.
Previous Version Use and Downloads: Would you like to download a 2014 version of AutoCAD? Easy! Inside your Autodesk Account, go to:

  1. Management to view your Products & Services
  2. Click on the arrow next to the software you wish to download to expand product details
  3. View the available versions and select from the available download methodsPrevious Version Download.jpg

Do you need a 2008 versions to accommodate a client who hasn’t upgraded? Still not a problem. Although the standard download options do not include a version this old, you are able to request a previous version license from Autodesk. Contact us today to learn more.
Software Support: Have a question regarding your products? Need help with your installation? Open a support case within your Autodesk Account. On the upper right hand side, click on support. Create a new support case and select the topic that best describes your issue. Autodesk will contact you shortly with a resolution.Support Case
Access Levels: There are several access levels within your Autodesk Account. It starts with the Contract Access LevelsManager, who has access to all the assets within the Autodesk Account. There is also a Software Coordinator, whose access is limited to the specific serial numbers assigned by the Contract Manager. You can do this under the Manage Software Coordinators link on the Manage Users screen.
Contract Administration: Within the Autodesk Account, you can control access to the software in your Autodesk Account for all your system users. This includes giving users other than the Software Coordinator full or modified access to benefits. For instance, you can give them the ability to download any of the software on your subscription. Watch this short video on setting user permissions.
As a contract administrator you also have full visibility to your entire software licenses under your subscription contract.

  • View Current Software Versions
  • View Serial Numbers and Product Keys
  • View Available Seats

You can also request a License Report from within your Autodesk Account:

  1. Visit the License Report Request Form
  2. Select “Report of all my licenses” from the drop down menu
  3. Fill in your Company Information as well as where the report should be sent
  4. Check the box to agree to the Autodesk Privacy Statement and then Next to submit

Home Use Licenses: Do you have users who would benefit from the option to work from home? As part of your Autodesk maintenance plan, you can obtain home use licenses for the users who need them. This is easily done within your Autodesk. For more information click here.
Autodesk Cloud Credits: With your Autodesk products on maintenance plan you receive access to a variety of Autodesk cloud services for rendering and analysis. All subscription customers receive 25GB of A360 cloud storage per named user on subscription.
Learn more about your Autodesk maintenance plan benefits on the Autodesk Site and watch this short video.
Synergis is here to help you stay ahead. Any questions about the Autodesk Account, and all of your other Autodesk benefits, feel free to contact us and we will walk you through it.