July 15, 2015

Posted on July 15, 2016 by Mark Lancaster, Synergis Product Support Specialist:
If AutoCAD, Inventor, or perhaps Vault crashes, the application will most likely issue you a Customer Error Report (CER) dialog:
Although is optional, if you want to submit your crash report to Autodesk, please make sure you provide as much detail as possible and submit the report using your own email address. If you provide an email address belonging to someone else, Autodesk will submit the solution to that account. This means you will never know the solution and/or have a follow up from Autodesk.

Why should you take the time to submit a Customer Error Report?

Submitting a Customer Error Report allows Autodesk to better understand what errors are interrupting the performance of their products. When a software error occurs, the Customer Error Report makes it easy for you to send to Autodesk, so they can analyze what went wrong.

What happens next?

  • If a solution currently exists for the submitted error Autodesk will notify you immediately
  • If not, Autodesk will notify you when a new software update is released that addresses your error

To learn more about the CER process, click here.mark_lancaster_MG_0355 cropped
Mark Lancaster is a Product Support Specialist on our Helpdesk team working to support customers to create data-rich designs and efficient workflows. Mark’s most previous experience is as the CAD Design Manager of Pall Corporation, one of our long time customers. In that position, he was responsible for workstation optimization and design management, established uniform standards for the local and global offices, and developed global systems to control and manage their design data.