July 6, 2015

Synergis University took place last month. With over 200 attendees, 24 presenters, 35 sessions and the entire Synergis team on hand, our AEC customers spent the day learning about the latest Autodesk solution – including A360 Collaboration for Revit, tips and tricks, industry trends, and management solutions.
Lynn Allen, Cadalyst columnist and Autodesk evangelist, joined us to present two sessions: Build Your Business with BIM and Getting the most out of AutoCAD 2016. We’ve shared a lot with on you BIM – customer successes, ROI, industry reports – but Lynn highlighted the advantages of moving to BIM for the SU attendees, and here are 10 that will resonate with most:

  1.   Enable cross functional teams to work together
  2.   Fewer construction change orders, reduced number of RFIs
  3.   Eliminate clashes before they happen
  4.   Increase in fabrication
  5.   Perform energy, structural, construction, and environmental analysis on a model
  6.   Reduce construction waste
  7.   Produce detailed information on how a building will function
  8.   Increase accuracy of scheduling, sequencing, cost estimation, and quantification
  9.   Better multiparty communication and understanding 3D visualization
  10. Generate drawing views, schedules, etc. from the model, reducing work

Lynn also talked about A360, and if you aren’t using it, go ahead and get your free account with 5G of storage. If you purchase new subscription, you get 25G. Supporting over 50 file formats, A360 connects your teams and lets you share files – Autodesk or not. This is the platform for the other A360 products you’ve heard about, like A360 Field and Glue, and a great way to become familiar with leveraging Autodesk Cloud Services.
Lynn also shared some of her favorite stats from the latest SmartMarket Construction report:

  • 65% of building owners request BIM
  • Nearly 50% of civil firms are using BIM
  • 70% of architects have adopted BIM
  • 74% of contractors have adopted BIM
  • 2/3 of BIM users see positive ROI in the first year

There is a lot of information out there on BIM, this was all just from part of one SU session, and we had others including Collaboration and Data Management in A BIM World and Teamwork Makes BIM Work. Check out the presentations.
And if you attended SU, remember, don’t say “BIM model,” and save those fluffy kittens.