July 2, 2015

Synergis University took place a month ago and gave us the opportunity to invite Marc Zinck, Principal Engineer at Autodesk, who took us through ReCap 360: Lasers, Photos and UAVS.
What is it?
A family of software and services to create, manage, and share reality data. ReCap enables end-to-end workflow from any capture device to work with massive data sets in the Autodesk portfolio and online collaboration.
Why would you use it?
For infrastructure, ReCap software makes it simple to integrate reality data from laser scanning into your design process to increase speed, quality and accuracy. See ReCap in action from this video on
Here are the versions of ReCap, with increasing access as an app, storage, and cloud credits. For specifics and to download visit the ReCap Hub.

  • ReCap: Companion to Autodesk products that ships free.
  • ReCap 360: Work with point clouds, make the most of your Reality Data, and photo to 3D.
  • ReCap 360 Ultimate: Features of ReCap 360 plus targetless automatic registration of terrestrial laser scans.

Try it out today!