July 1, 2015

There were a lot of takeaways from Synergis University, held on June 3. The day started off with a keynote presentation from Stephen Hooper, Director of Manufacturing Strategy for Autodesk, on The Future of Making Things.
If you haven’t heard about the Future of Making Things you will soon, so we wanted to share what we heard, both at AU and during SU.

Let’s first take a look at the advantages traditional manufacturers wanted to achieve:
  • Productivity
  • Innovation
  • Process
Sure these resonate, but manufacturing is being disrupted by industry forces and technologies that are reshaping:
  • How things are designed and made (production)
  • What customers care about, and who and where they are (demand)
  • The nature of the products we make
Products are being designed faster and with less cost:

Think digital prototyping, simulation, and 3D printing. Consumers are looking for more customized and personalized products and the cloud is enabling more and more collaboration and connectivity, for consumers and businesses. Steve shared the ways Autodesk products are continuously evolving so manufacturers can:

  • Use data from different, even competitive, CAD platforms
  • Make the design data more accessible through a collaborative platform
  • Provide customers with value added services by connecting to products in use in the field

Learn more about FOMT and how products like Fusion 360 that are already delivering on it.
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