April 6, 2015

civilebookcoverWhat are the top five keys to effective data management? See for yourself in this free eBook.
Data management is a vital but often neglected element for success in civil engineering projects. Managing your data should be easy, not frustrating—allowing you to focus on the key task at hand: your infrastructure design project.
With proper data management you can better organize, manage, and track data creation, simulation, and documentation processes throughout your project. With an effective data management solution you can:

  1. Maximize project success with a single source of data
  2. Improve security for project data
  3. Instill company-defined standards
  4. Improve workflows with actively managed versioning
  5. Collaborate like never before

Download the eBook to take a more in-depth look at these five key elements to effective data management and learn more about the Autodesk Data Management Solution for Civil Infrastructure.
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The Autodesk® data management solution for civil infrastructure delivers a workflow-driven environment that helps automate, standardize, and track project processes to improve accessibility of civil infrastructure project information.
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