March 18, 2015

As in every line of business there are common challenges shared among the industry – getting your product to market on time, staying ahead of the competition, and producing a cost-effective product.3-13-2015 11-37-33 AM
What sets the top performing companies apart? The use and adoption of their digital prototyping tools. YORK International Corporation was able to take full advantage of the Autodesk solution for manufacturing and produce more detailed drawings in less time.
The benefit of the Autodesk Inventor Series allowed YORK International Corporation to use the familiar AutoCAD as well as Inventor. Steve Brown, Manager of Pressure Vessel Engineering Refrigeration Division of North America YORK International, saw the immediate benefits of the manufacturing portfolio, “When multiple engineers work concurrently on a design, the 3D visualization power of Autodesk Inventor provides plenty of opportunity to eliminate interferences and other errors before release to the shop floor.”
Not only did YORK International Corporation successfully implement the Autodesk digital prototyping tools into their workflow, they also took full advantage of their subscription benefits. Being able to stay current on product releases allowed them to stay ahead of the competition.
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