March 4, 2015

Posted on March 4, 2015 by Darin Green, Synergis Lead Product Support Specialist:
We recently had a customer seeking a solution/workaround for distinguishing reinforced walls from non-reinforced walls. They wanted to include a cross-hatch on structural walls and leave the architect’s walls as is. Prior to contacting us they were accomplishing this task by using Filled Regions which satisfied their needs for a while, but the customer wanted this cross-hatch to be a part of the wall and not as an overlaying object.
My original thought was to use Override Graphics in View. Then, my colleague, Bill Knittle, suggested a project parameter that would be used within View filters to toggle the cross-hatch on or off for selected walls.
Our customer then asked, “Can we show a cross-hatch and a solid grey hatch on the same walls?” Originally, I said “no, you can only have one override on an object at a time, but let me troubleshoot this and get back to you.” After checking into it, I was able to provide a workable solution to the customer.


To accomplish this task, we will use the following tools:

  • Override Graphics in View
  • Materials

We’ll be changing the appearance of the Reinforced walls.
Make sure your visual style is set to Shaded

  1. Using the Override Graphics in View (by category), set the surface pattern for Non-Reinforced walls to…
    1. Color: White
    2. Pattern: Solid fill

ml32. Again, using the Override Graphics in View (by element), set the Reinforced walls to…

a. Color: Black

b. Pattern: Diagonal Crosshatch

At this point, you should have something similar to the following:

Now that we have the crosshatch, let’s get the fill pattern on these walls as well.

3. From the Manage tab, open Materials and create a new material called SolidFill


4. From the Modify tab, choose the Paint tool, the new material should already be selected by default. If not, select the new material you created.

5. Click the Reinforced walls to apply the SolidFill material to finalize the solution.

Just wanted to share in case anyone else is struggling with this.  Contact us with challenges you are finding and let’s see if we can come up with some resolutions.

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