February 3, 2015

Autodesk and CG/LA infrastructure brought together infrastructure experts from 45 leading companies in the US Infrastructure industry to discuss how to work better with local governments, financial organizations and academic institutions to improve infrastructure leadership.
The current US Infrastructure rating of D+, as graded by the American Society of Civil Engineers, is the result of poor conditions, with much of our infrastructure at the end of its expected life. In fact today, our traffic congestion is considerably worse than most Europeans, creating a loss of worker productivity and a road fatality rate 60% higher than average across the world.
What can we do?
making the grade reportThis report offers that our infrastructure planning needs change to improve the technologies and even a new thought process behind maintaining our infrastructure. The six point plan includes:

  1. Make infrastructure a presidential and cabinet level priority.
  2. Form US infrastructure regions.
  3. Establish a national infrastructure bank.
  4. Sell ‘opportunity’ bonds.
  5. Create a national infrastructure index.
  6. Engage the American people.

Read the details about our infrastructure challenges and the six-point plan here.
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