January 30, 2015

According to Jon Peddie Research, respondents claimed it is.
Autodesk commissioned Jon Peddie Research, a technically oriented California research firm, to conduct a study to help understand and quantify advantages and issues associated with DWG™ files in multi-CAD environments.

AutoCAD is industry-leading CAD software and includes TrustedDWG

This study surveyed 2,374 respondents. Over 92 percent of respondents use some type of CAD software and over 68 percent of CAD users work with Autodesk® AutoCAD® software specifically at some point in their work process. The respondents also told us that they spend an average of five months on projects requiring DWG formats.
Furthermore, 83 percent of respondents trust AutoCAD as part of their workflow to produce DWG files.

Ensure compatibility with the DWG™ file format

The DWG file format was created in 1982 with the first launch of AutoCAD. DWG is one of the most commonly used file formats and signifies compatibility with AutoCAD software.

  • Respondents claim a completed DWG file is worth $28,400
  • 95 percent of surveyed professionals use DWG files in their work
  • 80 percent of participants deliver projects in DWG formats
  • Respondents exchange DWG files with other companies approximately 75 percent of the time

Learn more on the Autodesk site about the Peddie Research Study.
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