January 7, 2015

Posted on January 7, 2015 by Darin Green, Synergis Lead Product Support Specialist:
Sometimes our customers run into issues and in the process of resolution, I realize that the issue or concern should be shared to help you stay ahead.  I want to thank Andy McKinney from HS Martin for allowing us to troubleshoot and validate these antivirus issues on his machine.


We identified a performance issue within Autodesk Vault, with ESET NOD32 (VERSION 8 ONLY). In addition, with further investigation, we were able to reproduce the issue with ESET Endpoint as well. This issue not only effect Vault, but also all Autodesk products that connects to the internet, intranet, or other IIS services.


  • When opening Autodesk Vault ADMS Console or the Client that takes 2 to 3 minutes to load.
  • Searching and navigating within the Vault Client, takes up to 30 seconds when changing directories or searching for documents.
  • The Autodesk Application Manager notes your Autodesk software is completely up to date, while the spinning (refresh) wheel continues until the application is closed.dg1


ESET Antivirus is scanning the interaction between Autodesk Vault and IIS utilizing the HTTP Protocol as well as other Autodesk applications.


Open the Advanced Setup settings for ESET
Once the dialog box opens, from the Advanced setup navigate to Web and email > Protocol filtering > Excluded applications
The list of applications shown are populated automatically (Others can be added if they’re not be listed). Each application shown in this list has built-in functionally that interacts with outbound protocols (HTTP/POP/IMAP) which communicates with the web.
Although the application is listed, you’ll need to check the applications that you want ESET to ignore when accessing these protocols.
There are some applications that should always remain UNCHECKED because they are known for getting corrupted during a virus attack. These application are RUNDLL32.EXE, SVCHOST.EXE, IEXPLORE.EXE amongst others.
If the issue persists after checking the effected application in the list, navigate back to Protocol filtering and uncheck “Enable application protocol content filtering“.
Important: Remember to turn this option back on after troubleshooting due my previous remark on known corruption with certain files.
Once this option is disabled, ESET is no longer protecting your system against threats as data is transmitted via HTTP, POP, and IMAP protocols.

Darin Green is one of our Helpdesk Leads and provides tips and information in our monthly Helpdesk Newsletter.  Darin has over 10 years of CAD experience and in his time at Synergis he has provided support for over 700 customers to help them stay ahead.  He previously worked with Ritter and Plante Associates where he performed various zoning, project duties, and hands-on field work, along with surveying.  Darin has a broad range of experience with many CAD applications including AutoCAD, Revit, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Map 3D, among others.

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