January 6, 2015

Posted on January 6, 2015 by Bill McKown, Synergis Solutions Engineer:
Last week, I posted Part 1 of Customizing 3ds Max.  This week we will continue on with another short video to help you arrange your interface to make the most sense for you and how to set up a file so that you can start new projects with files ready to design rather than starting new every time.
I hope these posts helped.  If you have any questions, contact me and ask.  Our goal is to keep you ahead.
Happy Designing,
Bill McKown is Synergis’ Visualization expert. Having joined the company in 2011, his prior employment involved CAD design, 3D renderings for both architectural and interior design projects, and training and supporting for all the products associate with these. Bill has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Arts in Education and additional certifications in Computer Animation and Autodesk solutions.
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