December 22, 2014

Project collaboration is important today as we work in unity across teams, firms, and projects.  We hear from contractors that the main concerns they have with the collaboration are:

  • Ensuring everyone is working from the most up to date version.
  • Keeping with tight  deadlines for on-time project delivery
  • Creating a smooth approval process
  • Reducing rework for change orders
  • Better predicting costs of materials and labor
  • Reducing risk and mistakes during construction

Last month, Synergis’ Kevin Spear covered “Project Collaboration and Data Management in Infrastructure Design” in a webcast discussing in detail the workflow built by Autodesk to help you work with other teams and stay on track.

Have questions on how data management can shift your business to better work with other firms and win more bids?  Contact our experts to find out how we can help you stay ahead.
In addition, check out our January webcast on the new Civil Engineering Data Translator.  This new tool allows engineers to translate the data between Bentley InRoads or GEOPAK software and Civil 3D.  Kevin will be demonstrating this free benefit of Autodesk Subscription.