December 18, 2014

As an engineer your focus is product development. Often times last-minute design changes and miscommunication can slow down the design process and impact your daily workflow. Allow the PLM 360 apps for engineering to work to your benefit and improve your day-to-day processes.
The PLM 360 apps for engineering help to capture, organize, and share relevant product details throughout product development:

  • Item and BOM Management: view or define an item by its attributes or build relationships to compose an item as a bill of material
  • Change Request: be specific when asking for product changes to improve the likelihood of a positive outcome
  • Change Orders: respond to change requests with a clear explanation of how the decision affects the product
  • Material Specifications: store and view critical information about the raw materials used to make a product
  • Design Review: record and assign specific product issues, concerns and decisions as they arise in the team review
  • Navigation and Reporting: build links, reports, graphs and dashboards that present key performance indicators at login

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