December 8, 2014

Building Information Modeling workflows help you integrate teams with projects.  One critical point of this workflow is having the ability to share files amongst teams and also outside firms.  Perhaps you have run into some of these problems:

  • Spending too much time looking for the right files.
  • Not knowing which version is the most accurate.  If you have ever spent time working on the wrong version and then had to start over, you know the struggle with this.  It is a painful, expensive loss of time.
  • Handling engineering change orders is eating up your time, and your team’s time.
  • Sharing data through email is time-consuming and requires a coordinator to be efficient.

These are common downfalls that we hear about when our customers do not have a data management solution to control versions, maintain files, automate change order processes, and easily share data with team members, outside firms, and stakeholders.
For construction, it can seem a little more difficult as there are so many files for different contractors, for building maintenance, and multiple hands on each of those files.  In our November webcast, Bill Knittle, Synergis Building Solutions Engineer, discussed how to work with the Revit Server and Vault to manage your data, along with Buzzsaw to share out all the files with outside vendors, contractors, and stakeholders.
You can read the how to in the three-part series Bill wrote, or watch this video to learn more.
Article series starting with BIM Collaboration Beyond Revit, Part 1.

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