December 1, 2014

Create 2D drawings with the essential drafting tools in Autodesk® AutoCAD LT® Family software. Powerful documentation tools help you produce precise technical drawings that you can efficiently edit and repurpose. Share your work with confidence using TrustedDWG™ technology. Speed your detailing and documentation work with tools built to increase efficiency and maximize productivity. Be prepared for whatever comes your way with licensing that scales to meet your organization’s needs and online support from Autodesk when you need it. Desktop Subscription gives you access to Autodesk software—the same full version you get with a perpetual license—but with a flexible, pay-as-you-go approach. Stay current with the latest full-featured 2D drafting tools. Act by January 23, 2015 and get 15 months for the price of 12 months when you purchase an annual AutoCAD LT term license plan. The AutoCAD LT term license plan you purchase will be an AutoCAD LT Desktop Subscription* (which includes a term license for AutoCAD LT software and associated benefits).
Autodesk® Desktop Subscription provides flexible, pay-as-you-go access to the latest Autodesk software products and tools. Choose from monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions and gain control over the length, amount of time, and resources you commit to your software.

Access to the latest product enhancements and software releases

Stay competitive by maintaining access to the most up-to-date technology
Desktop Subscription term licenses provide access to the latest version of your software, including periodically released product enhancements and updates. Your users can increase productivity—and gain a significant competitive edge in the marketplace—by using the most advanced Autodesk software and its time-saving features. Whether you purchase a monthly, quarterly, or annual Desktop Subscription, your users will have access to the latest Autodesk design tools and cloud services that enable them to accomplish the tasks they can’t achieve without the right software.
We also understand the importance of consistency, so for those times when you need access to older versions of Autodesk software, Desktop Subscription provides previous version use*.
*See Previous Version Eligibility List for more details

Take control of your software budget

Pay as you go for more manageable software costs
Desktop Subscription helps make software costs easier to manage with a pay as you go approach to software licenses. The flexibility of monthly, quarterly, and annual licenses gives you the ability to pay for software only when you need it and for the length of time you need it. And the low cost of entry of Desktop Subscription software ensures you have the financial freedom to allocate funds to other areas of your business or to purchase multiple software licenses.
Many Desktop Subscription products and suites also give your users access to Autodesk cloud services such as rendering and optimization. Many of these services can help eliminate the need to invest in expensive hardware and/or pay third-party providers to complete these tasks while also allowing users to stay productive by removing these resource-intensive tasks from their desktops.

Respond to changing business needs

When business ramps up, you can too
Change is inevitable, especially when it comes to your business. Employees come and go, your business may be growing rapidly, or you might be experiencing seasonal highs or lows; regardless of what changes your business faces, the flexible licensing terms of Desktop Subscription allow you to customize the way you allocate your software resources. For seasonal events that you can anticipate (for example, summer interns) a quarterly Desktop Subscription might be the most cost-efficient way to ramp up – gain access to the software you need without the large cash expenditure or long-term commitment of purchasing a license outright. If you work on specialized, short-term projects, a monthly Desktop Subscription might provide the most flexibility to assure you only pay for use when you need it. Whatever Desktop Subscription you choose, you can rest easy knowing that you have the flexibility to respond to your company’s changing needs.

Reduced risk

Bill back part of the cost and stretch your budget
Companies have competing priorities, especially when it comes to budgets. Accessing Autodesk software via Desktop Subscription allows you to avoid the risk of allocating too many resources to the purchase of software, leaving you cash strapped elsewhere. You also avoid the risk of being stuck in a long-term contract—use this as a way to test drive new software knowing that you’re never locked-in beyond the end of the term.
Because Desktop Subscription provides you with the latest releases, you can bid for business with confidence knowing that you have the tools needed to keep pace with and stay ahead of the competition. And in some cases where you have purchased a license to work on a project for a specific client, you can also enjoy the benefit of treating this purchase like an operating expense, allowing you to bill back part – or all – of the expense to your client.

Support for users

The support you need to tackle roadblocks and get more from your software
With Desktop Subscription, support goes above and beyond. You have the option of choosing between Basic and Advanced Technical Support options that will help you with everything from installation and configuration to troubleshooting for your software and cloud services. With Autodesk specialists by your side, you’ll never have to go at a problem alone.
In addition to world-class technical support, you are entitled to exclusive communications that will help you take full advantage of your Desktop Subscription benefits. Be informed of upcoming product enhancements, changes to the Desktop Subscription offering, as well as tips and tricks to help your users get the most from their software and increase their productivity.

Cloud services and storage

Work faster with the power of the cloud
Autodesk cloud services give your users the ability to extend their designs beyond the desktop, enabling them to work nearly whenever and wherever business takes them. Desktop Subscription customers are allocated 25 GB of cloud storage per named user—providing the power needed to help users complete compute-intensive tasks in the cloud, freeing up valuable space on their desktops. And by storing design documents in the cloud, users can access their work and connect with their teams, nearly anytime and anywhere while your organization reduces its server storage costs.

Administrative tools

Easily track and manage software licenses and named users
Autodesk Account offers administrative tools to help you manage the benefits of your Desktop Subscription software. Reporting and management tools for Contract Managers and Software Coordinators include:

  • Contract report: Track and manage software licenses and seats. View helpful details such as contract numbers, contract start and end dates, and product details. You can also review critical renewal information such as the next renewal date (for recurring contracts) or view which seats will expire in the next 90 days (for renewable contracts).
  • User management features and tools: Assign the named user for each Desktop Subscription; you can even specify which version of the software a named user has access to.
  • Usage report: Keep track of the cloud credits consumed when using select cloud services or purchase additional cloud credits for named users.

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